Chris Hampton

Chris Hampton is a Hamilton-based freelance arts and culture writer. His work has appeared elsewhere in The New York Times, the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, The Walrus, and Canadian Art. Find him on Instagram: @chris.hampton

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'I felt my grandpa by my side the whole time.' Bones of Crows' Phillip Forest Lewitski tells a powerful story

Lewitski, a rising talent at home and abroad, hopes that the series will be an awakening for Canadians.

Who was meant for Kodak moments? This artist confronts the racial bias that shaped colour photography

Farihah Aliyah Shah turns a lens on Kodak's Shirley Cards, first used in the 1940s, for her new exhibition Without a Leg to Stand On at the MacLaren Art Centre.

Want to own a piece of original artwork for just $5? You should play this lotto

ArtLotto, founded by painter Gabriel Baribeau, is reimagining the way art gets bought and sold while supporting both artists and community causes.

This futuristic food cart warns of a world soon to be underwater

Alvin Luong's art installation Ration Market Special at Toronto's Union Station is a sober glimpse into the future of our climate crisis.

Some neighbourhoods have a little library, but this one has a mini art museum

Anyone can contribute an artwork to Hamilton art teacher Matt Coleman's MMOMA (Mapleside Museum of Miniature Art) — or take one home.

The case for a reading routine — and how prolific readers stick to theirs

Tips and tricks from a Giller Prize winner, a literary agent, an editor and a books columnist.

The group of seven billion: This art was made by bacteria from the Group of Seven's paint palettes

Jon Sasaki swabbed the painters' brushes, paint boxes and easels and photographed the "landscapes" that sprung up.

Heather Nicol channelled her memories of living in Manhattan on 9/11 into a monumental art project

It's not the images Nicol recalls the most — it's the sounds, which have reverberated in her mind for 20 years.

When Max Dean was diagnosed with cancer, he did exactly what he always does: he made art out of it

The Governor General Award-winning artist finds power in powerlessness in the new documentary Still Max.

Why this artist wanders around Hamilton dressed as a giant duck

Meet Lewis Mallard, the six-foot-tall duck who has been quacking up Hamiltonians with his antics.