Catherine Hernandez

Catherine Hernandez is the author of Scarborough and Crosshairs, the screenwriter of Scarborough the film and the creator of Audible's sketch comedy show Imminent Disaster.

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Where I Write

Every edit from a walk-in clinic floor gets Catherine Hernandez closer to her dream writing office

The Scarborough author has always written under stressful conditions, but her dream is within arm's reach.

Catherine Hernandez's first filmmaking experience was all about community — not industry schmoozing

"Scarborough has already given so much to me. The last thing I wanted to do was disrupt its natural rhythms."
Pandemic Diaries

Lessons from my 'Apocalypse Garden': How the pandemic has forced me to plant seeds of hope

Author Catherine Hernandez had no idea she would end up learning life lessons from her plants.
I He(art) My City

An artist's guide to falling in love with Scarborough: Waterfront dancing, open mic nights and FOOD!

Escape the chaos of downtown with author Catherine Hernandez, whose debut novel "Scarborough" was published in 2017.

You've seen movies and TV shows about medicine, law and boxing — but how accurate are they?

Writer Catherine Hernandez asked three experts to weigh in on what the media gets right...and wrong.
Point of View

The little spaces that could: How independent theatre companies are building community

There's an urgent need for accessible spaces for independent theatre — so these Toronto companies are making creative homes out of rented rooms.

These Canadian history nerds surpassed Oprah and This American Life with their podcast

Take a look inside the secret life of The Secret Life of Canada, a new podcast that aims to share more honest stories of our country's history.
Point of View

Do the write thing: A code of conduct for attending literary festivals

Some expert advice from the likes of Lawrence Hill and Zoe Whittall compiled by a newbie to the circuit herself: emerging writer Catherine Hernandez.
Point of View

How to be an ally during pow wow season

With pow wow season upon us, Catherine Hernandez and Waawaate Fobister share their advice for non-Indigenous folks joining in the celebrations.
Point of View

The hills are alive: How a nurturing artist residency in Banff helps playwrights move mountains

Catherine Hernandez reflects on how her time at the 2017 Banff Playwrights Colony helped her realize how important space, time and energy are to storytelling.