Anne T. Donahue

Anne T. Donahue is a writer and person from Cambridge, Ontario. You can buy her first book, Nobody Cares, right now and wherever you typically buy them. She just asks that you read this piece first.

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Cut to the Feeling

The enduring power of the perfect mix

Or, why scrolling through TikTok evokes the same chaos as listening to Big Shiny Tunes 2.
Cut to the Feeling

An ode to The Fugitive, which was for some reason my middle school comfort movie

The classic 1993 film starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones turned 30 this week, and Anne T. Donahue has loved it since she was way too young for that to make sense.
Cut to the Feeling

Watching The Simpsons was sometimes all my dad and I had in common. Now, it's how I remember him

Anne T. Donahue and her dad Rick forged a lifelong bond over their resemblance to Homer and Lisa. Two years after he passed, she still quotes his favourite scenes.
Cut to the Feeling

A very serious psychological analysis of Disney's greatest villains

Whomst among us hasn't resented nepo babies, felt ostracized by family, or been on the receiving end of a stranger's pure hatred for merely doing our jobs?
Cut to the Feeling

In loving memory of the essential summer blockbuster (RIP)

Sure, there are still big movies — but the communal experience that defined the summer blockbuster since Jaws took a bite of the box office in 1975 is dead.
Cut to the Feeling

We're rebooting all the wrong stuff. Remake these movies instead

Who will have the courage to make a live-action Ratatouille starring Nicolas Cage in all three lead roles instead of new versions of Twilight and Harry Potter?
Cut to the Feeling

Why I started listening to CDs again in the age of streaming

Anne T. Donahue's treasured childhood CD collection was replaced first by iPods and then by streaming services — but she's started to rebuild it for $1.99 a pop.
Cut to the Feeling

5 movie animals I think should face off against the Cocaine Bear

The Cocaine Bear would be forever changed by an encounter with Sassy the fluffy Himalayan from Homeward Bound or the bear from The Revenant.
Cut to the Feeling

Why Sex and the City is actually the ultimate fantasy show

Our hero fights to slay her dragon as she lives in a make-believe world that could only exist to those who sleep among piles of gold.
Cut to the Feeling

How the 1997 release of Titanic changed me forever

A young Anne T. Donahue was mostly interested in Leonardo DiCaprio's haircut — but she suddenly found herself feeling more feelings than she had ever felt before.