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Anne T. Donahue is a writer and person from Cambridge, Ontario. You can buy her first book, Nobody Cares, right now and wherever you typically buy them. She just asks that you read this piece first.

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Cut to the Feeling

A League of Their Own taught me to be my own hero. The new series will let everyone have that feeling

Abbi Jacobson's 2022 adaptation of Penny Marshall's classic 1992 film will bring a timeless story — the triumph of finding yourself — to an expanded audience.
Cut to the Feeling

Nostalgia was my first love and greatest comfort — until reality became too painful to escape

After an incredibly challenging year, Anne T. Donahue wants to cut to the feeling in her new CBC Arts column.

When I saw Crossroads in theatres, I expected a shallow hate-watch. What I found instead surprised me

It was no Oscar winner, but Britney Spears's 2002 road trip movie took some surprisingly dark and real turns.
Point of View

By exposing the myths behind the sex tape, Pam & Tommy lays bare our toxic relationship with celebrity

The new miniseries humanizes Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee and forces us to ask some tough questions about how we handled the first viral celebrity sex tape.
Queeries x Anneiversaries

Best friends till death: Watching 90s cult hit Poison Ivy for the first time 30 years later

The unhinged Drew Barrymore thriller couldn't have been made today — but it still might have something to say.

How The Rosie O'Donnell Show changed celebrity culture forever

Debuting 25 years ago, the show pioneered the notion that stars could feel like relatable everyday people — on both sides of the desk.

How Thelma & Louise taught us to challenge expectations and rebel against the status quo

30 years later, one of cinema's most iconic friendships still strongly resonates.
Queeries x Anneiversaries

We played a game of truth or dare to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Madonna's iconic documentary

CBC Arts columnists Anne T. Donahue and Peter Knegt look back at the wildly influential Truth or Dare on its 30th birthday.

Why Twister is the greatest action movie ever made

25 years after it first blew away audiences, the tornado-chasing epic is still as good as it gets.

Looking back at Primal Fear and the dangers of using mental illness for villainous plot twists

Depicting mental illness at its most extreme paints an ugly picture of what living with it is actually like.