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Dancer Dana Michel: 'People will see your minority status in your work'

The bold move of cutting off her hair marks an important transition in Dana Michel's career, coming two years after the debut of her critically-acclaimed piece Yellow Towel, which addressed racial stereotypes in the black community. The Dance Current listed it as one of the top 10 performances of 2013, and Michel has since toured Europe many times over, winning an award at the prestigious Impulstanz festival in Vienna, Austria.

All-female Toronto photo collective SOFIA are on their worst behaviour

SOFIA is an all-female photography collective on a mission to amplify the female voice in yet another male-dominated industry. This week, SOFIA launch their first ever exhibit at the 20th annual Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival -- the largest photography festival in the world.

The aural and the visual collide in the immersive work of David Psutka

In all of David Psutka's projects — Egyptrixx, Ceramic TL, and Anamai — the visual is given equal weight to the aural. Sometimes it's hard to call him a musician at all. His tracks aren't exactly songs. They're more like sonic collages made up of undefinable techno-inspired sounds, creating cold and meditative soundscapes.

We asked Courtney Madison, what does a stylist do, anyway?

Stylists like Courtney Madison are in demand. The L.A-based Toronto ex-pat - who works alongside industry heavyweights Hayley Atkin, Mel Ottenberg and Marni Senofonte, and with clients like Beyoncé, Mindy Kaling, and Rihanna - knows how to carefully select the right pieces to help communicate an idea. It’s a skill she’s been developing her whole life.

On this day in 1959: Just what is the beat generation, anyway?

In the '50s, a group of subversive poets and artists concerned with disrupting the status quo and speaking out against racism, sexism, and materialistic society emerged.

On this day in 1969: Neil Young feels washed up

If you ever feel disheartened about the start-stop nature of your career, feel good know that even the greats have been through the same thing. After Canadian rock legend Neil Young formed The Mynah Birds with an American draft dodger named "Ricky," they successfully landed a record deal with Motown Records.

Photographer Peter MacCallum on Toronto architecture's excitement, 'rough edges'

Toronto photographer Peter MacCallum's new book features a romanticized view of modern Toronto

On this day in 1963: Austin Clarke on Canada's subtler forms of prejudice

A young Austin Clarke in a frank discussion on race relations in 1960's Canada.

On this day in 2006: Leonard Cohen on songwriting and love

On the eve of entering the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2006, Canadian icon Leonard Cohen shared the real life struggles he overcame on his way to greatness.

On this day in 1988: Canada meets an 18-year-old Michie Mee

Michie Mee talks Jamaican Funk Canadian Style