At home with Haviah Mighty: Why everything begins with family for the Polaris Prize winner

In her Brampton home, she opens up about performing with her sisters — and what family, and history, mean to her music.

In her Brampton home, she opens up about what family — and history — mean to her music

At home with Haviah Mighty

4 years ago
Duration 4:20
Featured VideoAfter winning the Polaris Music Prize, Haviah Mighty reflects on the importance of family. Filmmaker: April Aliermo

If you haven't already heard of Haviah Mighty, we're "mighty" surprised — she recently became the first hip hop artist to win the Polaris Music Prize. Originally one of the members of The Sorority, Mighty is well known in her own right for songs that have a feminist bent while also making reference to the history of slavery.

In this video by filmmaker and correspondent April Aliermo, you'll get to go inside Mighty's home in Brampton, Ont., where she lives with her parents. You'll see her basement studio (once you get past her dad's extensive set of music gear), and you'll find out why family has played such an important role to her music.

Haviah Mighty. (CBC Arts)

Mighty says, "Learning about who I am as a person has made me a better musician. Me being inspired by my parents, me being inspired by my sisters — it kind of amalgamated into this person that I am now."

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Haviah Mighty. (CBC Arts)


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