April Aliermo

April Aliermo is a Filipinx-Canadian musician, songwriter, entrepreneur and educator based out of Toronto. She plays bass and co-writes music and lyrics for Hooded Fang and Phèdre. She strives to build conscious communities while having the time of her life.

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Point of View

How these artists created a sustainable childcare alternative that gave kids confidence and wonder

"The whole city became our playground" — and grew to serve 45 families in the process.
Year in Review

How working with an older mentor taught me I can make art forever

April Aliermo spent the summer working with 70-year-old sound artist Christina Kubisch — and it changed the way she looks at the future.
Point of View

How can artists deal with sexual assault in the wake of #MeToo? This conversation is a good start

April Aliermo asked three support organizations to offer their expertise.

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The Polaris Prize winner opens up about internet trolls, life as a mother and her Wayuu heritage.

Who says art camp is just for kids? These women are coming together to create and have a few laughs

CBC Arts correspondent April Aliermo spends an afternoon at Girls' Art League, where printmaking equals solidarity, laughter and a safe space.
Point of View

If we value what art brings to our cities, we must understand that artists are part of an ecosystem

Musician April Aliermo shares her experiences trying to live and make art in Toronto — one of Canada's most expensive cities.

Meet the women and non-binary folks fighting for gender equality in electronic music

Correspondent April Aliermo digs into synthesizers, DJs and how new faces are opening up the conversation.

These badass women are taking over the traditionally male-dominated art of taiko drumming

Correspondent April Aliermo meets Raging Asian Women to try taiko drumming and find out what it means to some powerful women.

Meet A Tribe Called Red's secret weapon: the pow wow dancers electrifying their shows

Angela Miracle Gladue and Matthew Wood talk hip hop, regalia and why pow wow dancing in clubs is important.
Point of View

Girls to the front: The challenges of being a woman of colour in the world of rock music

The latest edition of April Aliermo's monthly column Finding My Place explores her experiences rocking the bass "in a sea of white cis men."

This music festival is taking back the word slut — and they're not doing it quietly

Slut Island isn't the name of a bad reality show. It's a Montreal music festival all about empowerment.
Point of View

Finding My Place: April Aliermo's new column exploring conscious ways of sustaining art and culture

Introducing a monthly editorial by Filipinx-Canadian musician, songwriter, entrepreneur, educator and CBC Arts video correspondent April Aliermo.

If you don't see it, make it! These Asian comic artists are taking charge of telling their own stories

"When I first started doing comics, I wasn't seeing a lot of Asian voices." That's why Althea Balmes started a comics workshop for young Asian artists.

Dance circles and a radical haircut: How marginalized artists find home in DIY art spaces

For Toronto galleries Blank Canvas and 187 Augusta, one of their most important shared goals is bigger than the art itself: it's about creating a safe space.

This hand drumming circle is a beating heart in Toronto's Kensington Market

Traditional Indigenous hand drummer Veronica Johnny shows correspondent April Aliermo the rhythms that drive her women's hand drumming circle.