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Anne T. Donahue is a writer and person from Cambridge, Ontario. You can buy her first book, Nobody Cares, right now and wherever you typically buy them. She just asks that you read this piece first.

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In the 1990s, Christmas movies stared reality in its cold, dead eyes — and it was spectacular

Modern Christmas movies have come to be defined by their relentless cheeriness. But a few decades ago, it was a very different story.

The real hero of The Santa Clause is Charlie's mom, Laura (a.k.a. TV and movie icon Wendy Crewson)

You may have resented her as a child, but Laura's no nonsense attitude just shows that she's a dedicated mother who loves her son more than anything.

Little giant: It's time to appreciate Rick Moranis for the comedy and cinematic legend he is

25 years after his semi-retirement, we're long overdue for a Rick renaissance.

Ain't no anniversary like an S Club anniversary: Celebrating 20 years of an underrated pop sensation

Bring it all back to when pop music got a little more sunny with the release of S Club 7's peppy debut.

Freaks and Geeks turns 20: Why teen angst never ends

The NBC series remains a cultural touchstone thanks to its honest and ordinary depiction of growing up.

The lasting impact of Chandler Bing (could he *be* anymore emotionally stunted?)

Twenty-five years after Friends debuted, Anne T. Donahue looks back at the legacy of Matthew Perry's character.

To move forward, country music should look back to the Dixie Chicks

With their 1999 album, Fly, the Dixie Chicks proved country music can be progressive.

Why Jann Arden should have been an even bigger breakout pop star

25 years after Living Under June, Anne T. Donahue makes a sensitive case for our girl Jann.

It's time for Canadian political scandals to get their own Dick-style satires

20 years after Dick made Watergate hilarious, we should start getting creative with our approach to political history too.

Stranger Things owes a lot to an unheralded era of TV where only kids could solve life's mysteries

"It takes an abandonment of beige, grown-up thinking to believe in magic."

Building a history: On two decades of Sarah McLachlan's Mirrorball and all its feelings

The 1999 album brought some of McLachlan's biggest songs to life in all their complex emotional glory.

15 years after The Notebook, it's time for doomed teen romances to evolve

As teens have an increasingly profound understanding of the heartbreak that comes with being alive, they deserve to have that reflected onscreen.

He's still the one: Why Keanu Reeves continues to thrive, 20 years after The Matrix

One of Canada's greatest cinematic exports is "a testament to the fact that real heroes can be as soft as they are menacing."

How Avril Lavigne's bravado taught a gener8tion to Let Go and embrace emotion

Underneath the power chords and spike belts was genuine vulnerability — and that was a way in for kids who preferred to hide behind faux confidence.
Year in Review

I hate being vulnerable — but this year, Ariana Grande taught me to find strength in it

In 2018, watching Grande became an ambassador for vulnerability showed me that I can embrace the same.