Amy Sedaris' newest character? An artist from Winnipeg

Amy Sedaris is Marcel Dzama in a new digital installation created for the New York City Ballet's Art Series by, well, Marcel Dzama. Watch a preview!

Sedaris will play Marcel Dzama in a new installation by... Marcel Dzama

Amy Sedaris is Marcel Dzama in a new video by Winnipeg artist Marcel Dzama. (Instagram/@marceldzama)

She's been a 46-year-old high schooler (Strangers With Candy) and a talking cat/Hollywood publicist (Bojack Horseman), but for her latest role, Amy Sedaris is playing something no less absurd: a world-famous artist from Winnipeg. 

Sedaris is Marcel Dzama in a new digital installation created for the New York City Ballet's Art Series by, well, Marcel Dzama. 

"Humour's always been very important to my work," the Winnipeg artist says in a short promo video for the piece, which you can watch right here...

The installation also features Sedaris' Strangers With Candy co-star Paul Dinello. Starting January 19, it will transform the Promenade area of NYCB's David H. Koch Theater into a living chess board through video, drawings and sculpture.

For several weeks, Dzama has been previewing the installation on Instagram, sharing behind-the-scenes videos, stills and drawings, as have other collaborators, notably costumer Christian Joy (best known for designing Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer Karen O's stage clothes).

The installation is just one instance of Dzama's involvement with the NYCB this winter. His set and costume designs feature in a new ballet from Justin Peck, The Most Incredible Thing.

Based on a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, The Most Incredible Thing features music by The National's Bryce Dessner and premieres February 6. Ticket holders to a special series of performances will score their own limited-edition takeaway c/o Dzama, according to the NYCB website. Find more info on that, plus viewing hours for the installation, here. The ballet's Art Series has previously hosted exhibitions by Dustin Yellin, Faile and someone you may remember from a recent episode of CBC Arts' Exhibitionists, JR.


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