Amanda Parris

Amanda Parris writes a weekly column for CBC Arts and is the host of Exhibitionists on CBC Television and Marvin's Room on CBC Radio. In her spare time, she writes plays, watches too many movies and defends Beyonce against all haters. In her past lives she wrote arts based curriculum, attended numerous acting auditions, and dreamed of being interviewed by Oprah.

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It's a show about drugs, trucks and crime...and it could only happen in Brampton

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5 things you should know about Marie-Joseph Angélique, a Black Canadian slave who inspired this play

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American Gods, The Order, Cardinal...we could go on. Kawennahere Devery Jacobs is on the rise

Timing, talent and tenacity have made this Indigenous actress/filmmaker Canada's latest breakout star.

There's never been a show about a Black female Canadian lawyer — until now

Diggstown creator Floyd Kane says just putting that image out in the world "is awesome."

See Jane and Finch through the eyes of a neighbourhood champion

Making Mr. Jane and Finch changed this filmmaker's view of a stigmatized Toronto neighbourhood.
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In the heart of the AGO, 100 Black women artists gathered to celebrate. Is it a sign of true change?

The Feast brought together Black women and gender non-conforming artists to commemorate how far we've come — and where we can go.

Your 2019 guide to Black History Month arts and culture

A list of must-see events happening around the country.