After captivating classical music fans around the world, Louise Bessette is honoured at the GGPAAs

Bessette is receiving a Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award for her work both performing and promoting contemporary classical music.

Bessette is receiving a Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award for both performing and promoting the genre

(Pierre-Étienne Bergeron)

Recognized worldwide as an extraordinary performer and promoter of contemporary classical music, Louise Bessette is no stranger to awards. And now, she'll be receiving the Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award at this year's Governor General's Performing Arts Awards.

The GGPAAs are Canada's highest honour in the performing arts and this year's award ceremony is taking place on April 26, followed by the red carpet gala on April 27. 

The 2019 Governor General's Performing Arts Awards: Louise Bessette

4 years ago
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The concert pianist is receiving an Artistic Achievement Award in classical music.

An internationally acclaimed performer, Bessette has had a significant influence in the field of contemporary classical music. She has introduced Canadian composers like Serge Arcuri, Simon Bertrand and Lorraine Desmarais to audiences around the world, and is sought after by composers from Europe and Asia as well.

From 2013 to 2014, Bessette performed 25 works by 25 different Quebec composers — a project that was heralded as a milestone in the province's musical history.

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