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9 must-follow street photographers

Why don't you take a picture? No, really. In this week's newsletter, inspiration for your next photo walk.

Why don't you take a picture? No, really. In this week's newsletter, inspiration for your next photo walk

Photo by Hamilton-based street photographer Monique Campbell. (Courtesy of the artist)

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Hi, art lovers!

Before we get into things, we just want to say thank you. Last weekend, we told you about a new project we're trying to get going through the newsletter.

Have a question about art? Send it. The idea is we'll research reader questions about whatever — artists, techniques, CBC Arts stories, some enormous metal sculpture you love to hate. And we'll answer them here.

We're pretty impressed with what we've seen so far. Still, it'll probably be a few weeks until we're ready to launch, so keep those emails coming, please and thanks. In the meantime, we'll be here waiting and Googling and lining up lists of expert sources...

For instance, you could ask: What are some tips for getting into street photography?

And to the person who was ready to hit "send" on that question, you're welcome. We're already on it, pal, and earlier this week, street photographers Taha Muharuma and Monique Campbell shared some (thorough) advice for beginners. (Even if you've never thought of taking it up as a hobby, it's a solid excuse to do a few more long, summer walks before fall hits.)

Campbell leads workshops on the subject in Hamilton, and one of the points she stresses most is that you should pay attention to what other street photographers are doing. She gave us a long list of must-follow Instagrammers, including plenty of her colleagues in the Hammer, and since it didn't make it into the article, we're going to share her picks here.

Get inspired before you get outside...

Alex Zafer (@alexzafer)


Christopher Oates (@photohustler)


JT White (@jtinseoul)


Linda Wisdom (@lindawisdomphotography)


Colin Marcano (@colinmarcano)


Theresa Groth (@theresagroth)


Jeff Hayward (@steeltownstreets)


Suzanne Stein (@suzanne_stein)


Colin Templeton (@colintempleton)


You've got to see this

(Susannah Montague)

Going overboard with ceramics - Not to cross into David Suzuki's territory or anything, but did you know that barnacle shells are made out of calcium carbonate, the same stuff used in ceramic glazes? That's why Susannah Montague is dunking her delicate sculptures in the ocean, hoping that nature does its thing. We took a trip to her studio on Bowen Island, B.C. to watch the experiment in action.

(CBC Arts)

String theory - Amanda McCavour, how does your garden grow? The Toronto artist reveals how she stitches together incredible installations like this one, using nothing but colourful thread. And heads up for all the readers in southern Ontario! She's created a floating field of poppies at Gallery Stratford. It's there to Sept. 30.

(CBC Arts)

New things to discover in one of Canada's oldest cities - Summer's ending, and so is our series of city guides. Last stop is Quebec City, and as if our local experts Maxime Robin and Danielle Le Saux-Farmer weren't helpful enough, they've tailored their tips to the seasons. Suddenly, we're actually looking forward to fall...and winter and spring.

Follow this artist


Nneka Myers (@kinopia) - Remember Disney's The Princess and the FrogNneka's put her own spin on the movie's Princess Tiana, but the Toronto illustrator imagineers plenty of her own fairy-tale characters. Just check out her Instagram, that's packed with mermaids, witches, princesses — all inspired by everyday Black girls like her.

Got questions? Typo catches? Pics from your latest street photography shoot that you're dying to send us?

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