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8 honest conversations about art and money

The new CBC Arts series Art, Death & Taxes unpacks the art world's greatest taboo: money.

The new CBC Arts series Art, Death & Taxes unpacks the art world's greatest taboo: money

CBC Arts has produced hundreds of videos profiling artists from across the country, but there's one subject that isn't always brought up as much as it proportionally matters to artists. Our new series Art, Death & Taxes unpacks the art world's greatest taboo: money. Across eight episodes, eight acclaimed artists explore the economics of their practice, peeling back the curtain on all the work that goes into the work.

All eight episodes of Art, Death & Taxes are streaming now on CBC Gem and will be rolling out worldwide weekly on our YouTube channel starting next week. Watch the trailer above, and see what's in store in each episode below.

E01 — The Complicated Topic of Business: Anita Kunz

(CBC Arts)

Celebrated illustrator, visual artist and educator Anita Kunz uses a rejected New Yorker cover to examine what artists should consider when pricing their work. Stream now on CBC Gem.

E02 — Levelling Up: Ekow Nimako

Ekow Nimako (CBC Arts)

After completing his largest architectural sculpture to date, "Kumbi Saleh 3020 CE," visionary Lego sculptor Ekow Nimako reflects on the tension between levelling up and staying true to your vision. Stream now on CBC Gem.

E03 — Cash or Credit: Meg Remy

Meg Remy of U.S. Girls (CBC Arts)

Meg Remy, the multi-dimensional musician behind U.S. Girls, reflects on two very different tours: a solo excursion by Greyhound bus and a trek across Europe with a nine-piece band. Stream now on CBC Gem.

E04 — The Art of Collaboration: Sanaz Mazinani

(CBC Arts)

In a surprise even to herself, Sanaz Mazinani found herself managing a global supply chain to create her eye-popping lenticular prints. Turns out: pros and cons! Stream now on CBC Gem.

E05 — No Buffer: Norah Sadava and Amy Nostbakken

Amy Nostbakken and Norah Sadava (CBC Arts)

Norah Sadava and Amy Nostbakken, the dynamic duo of devised physical theatre, open up about how they produced their smash hit play "Mouthpiece" — for only $8,000. Stream now on CBC Gem.

E06 — Moving Beyond Bankruptcy: Meghan McKnight

(CBC Arts)

Meghan McKnight tells the story of her first solo show and discusses the financial risks that she took on to sustain her practice, eventually leading her to file for bankruptcy. Stream now on CBC Gem.

E07 — Giving Back: Victoria Mata

(CBC Arts)

Victoria Mata explores how she and her team prioritized ethical engagement with collaborators in the process of mounting "Cacao: A Venezuelan Lament," the biggest production of her career as a choreographer. Stream now on CBC Gem.

E08 — The Trials of Self-Publishing: Eric Kostiuk Williams

Eric Kostiuk Williams (CBC Arts)

Toronto cartoonist and illustrator Eric Kostiuk Williams talks about self-publishing his debut comic series Hungry Bottom Comics and the compromises he's made to do what he loves. Stream now on CBC Gem.

Stream Art, Death & Taxes now on CBC Gem.