13 Valentine's Day gifts for the art lover in your life

Love’s great and all, but it can’t do your shopping. These unique and affordable items are inspired by our favourite featured artists.

Unique and affordable items inspired by our favourite featured artists

Valentine's Day gifts for the CBC Arts lover: Ceramic art by Kaley Flowers, "You're the One" greeting card by Allison + Cam, scarf by Cara Carmina, "Pillow Talk" patch by Ness Lee and an actual pillow featuring the photography of Laurence Philomene. (Kaley Flowers/Allison + Cam, Etsy, Etsy, Society6)

Love's great and all, but it can't do your shopping.

So while you've been too busy swooning over that special someone, CBC Arts has put together some unique and affordable — and reasonably romantic — Valentine's Day gift suggestions, inspired by some of our favourite featured artists.

Scarf by Cara Carmina. (Etsy)

Cara Carmina scarves 

Etsy, $65+

When Vancouver's Cara Carmina appeared on the Season 2 premiere of Crash Gallery, she explained that her cheerful, folk-inspired artwork has a simple but important message — one that's perfect for Valentine's Day. "With my art, I like to tell the story of friendship, of love, of collaboration," she says. This soft chiffon scarf is printed with one of her heartwarming designs.

"Pillow talk" patches by Ness Lee. (Etsy)

Ness Lee patches

Etsy, $10

Nobody but you, 'body but me, 'body but us...and these "Pillow Talk" patches by Toronto artist Ness Lee.

Belle Calligraphy Kit. (

Calligraphy starter kit

Amazon, $41.50

As Toronto's Natalie Siu taught us, why "sext" when you can say it with calligraphy?

Horoscope prints by Caitlin McDonagh. (

Caitlin McDonagh Horoscope Print

Caitlin McDonagh, $10

What's your sign? Vancouver Island illustrator Caitlin McDonagh is one of our Instagram faves, and she's created this series of astrological prints just in time for V Day. Half of the money raised from each print will go to Canadian charities. (Pick a print, and learn more about the project, on her website.)

A page from Amrit Brar's Shitty Horoscopes. (

Shitty Horoscopes, Amrit Brar

Amrit Brar, $17

Seriously, what's your sign? Toronto's Amrit Brar has compiled an 190-page anthology of her illustrated Shitty Horoscopes — a great gift for a not-so-shitty friend with an absurd sense of humour. 

Kirsten Hatfield's "Doodle Valentine" dress. (

Doodle Valentine dress

Kirsten Hatfield, $60

We heart Kirsten Hatfield's Instagram, and her latest textile design — festively titled "Doodle Valentine" — buzzes like neon, just like everything on her feed. Get yourself a date night outfit made from the Vancouver artist's custom fabric. She sells tops, leggings and skirts through her website — along with this simple tank dress.

From Mani Jassal's VDay Capsule Collection. (Brown Rice Photography/Mani Jassal)

Mani Jassal VDay Capsule Collection

Mani Jassal, enquire for prices

For a significantly fancier date night, Mani Jassal has a special VDay Capsule Collection. Earlier this year, the Brampton designer told Exhibitionists how she's using bridal fashion to smash taboos.

Lido Pimienta cotton pants from Print All Over Me. (

Lido Pimienta pants

Print All Over Me, $99 US

Sometimes, "Netflix and chill" just means "Netflix and chill." If that's your ideal Valentine's Day, your slothful sweetheart can get cozy in these cotton PJ-style pants by Toronto artist Lido Pimienta.

Charlotte Cardin, Big Boy EP. (Cult Nation)

Charlotte Cardin, Big Boy EP

iTunes, $6.99

A smoky, pop-jazz soundtrack for your Valentine's Day, c/o one of Exhibitionists' favourite musicians, Quebec's Charlotte Cardin.

"Connected 4evr" by Kaley Flowers. (

"Connected 4evr" by Kaley Flowers

Kaley Flowers, $250

Once upon a time, people used to buy each other fancy figurines on Valentine's Day (at least our grandparents did). We're fans of web-obsessed Toronto ceramic artist Kaley Flowers, and this piece — "Connected 4evr" — could be the perfect gift for the true love you found on Tinder. Sorry, not sorry, Franklin Mint.

"Shaded Plant" pin by Alicia Nauta. (

Alicia Nauta pin

Likely General, $10

Get pinned with this "Shaded Plant" multiple by Toronto artist Alicia Nauta. (Fun fact: she was the art director on Cave Small Cave Big, the short film written by five-year-olds that we featured on the site last week.)

Bedding featuring artwork by Laurence Philomene, Hyein Lee and Ambivalently Yours. (Society6)

CBC Arts' Dream Bedroom

Society6 (Laurence Philomene, Hyein Lee, Ambivalently Yours), $20+

Dreamy pillows by Laurence Philomene! A comforter by Hyein Lee! And a pile of cozy, pink throw blankets by Ambivalently Yours. With a collection like that, you'll want to spend all day in bed — with or without a S.O.

"You're the One" greeting card by Allison + Cam. (

Cards by Allison + Cam

Allison + Cam, $6

Love is...a dog's butt? Just trust us on this one. Toronto illustrators Allison + Cam have all sorts of sweet and/or bawdy greeting cards for your Valentine.

Greeting card by Allison + Cam. (

"Swoon" card by Allison + Cam. (


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