10 inspirational stories of creativity, the arts and well-being

This year's Culture Days happening across Canada Sept. 27-29 will explore how arts and culture contributes to our everyday well-being.

Culture Days to present free events across Canada, Sept. 27-29

Lua Shayenne’s Tales and Dances Around the Baobab, a Culture Days performance presented by The Burlington Performing Arts Centre (Dahlia Katz/Culture Days)

Culture Days is celebrating its 10th anniversary and to mark the occasion, this year's theme is Creativity, the Arts and Well-being. 

The national celebration, which features free events all across Canada, Sept. 27–29, recognizes the impact artists, heritage organizations and cultural advocates have on the places where we live and work. CBC is a sponsor of this year's festival, which spotlights the way creative expression is deeply connected to the well-being and vitality of our communities.

So to honour the theme, here's a roundup of stories about artists that inspire, empower and boost the well-being of the communities around them — some produced by the team behind Culture Days, and some from the CBC Arts vault.

The power of performance

1 woman. 10 characters. How theatre freed Raven Dauda from her own addictions

"In my initial days of sobriety, I needed creative projects to keep myself busy and to also address what was going on. This play closely follows my experience." 4:11

What does it feel like inside the mind of someone with bipolar disorder? This play gives a glimpse

Brad Necyk, playwright of Stormshelter, uses his new work to take you inside the mind of somebody coping with a psychiatric condition. Filmmaker: Tamarra Canu 4:56

Music with a message

Performer MAJE boasts the importance of expression through songwriting and says music can spark happiness

Protectors of history

Elder Dr. Duke Redbird uses visual art to reintroduce the Indigenous history of Toronto's waterfront to the public


Comic, counsellor and author David Granirer on the multi-layered benefits of stand-up comedy

For abstract artist Kirsten Hatfield, bipolar disorder gives her the intensity to create

Vancouver artist Kirsten Hatfield wouldn't trade living with bipolar disorder — it brings intensity and passion to her work. Filmmaker: Camille Vernet 4:18

John Loeppky on the power of agency and expressing himself as a performer with a disability

Healing through the arts

Making tiny paintings is especially difficult for this artist — that's why she does it

At the best of times, making miniature paintings is a difficult task for any artist. But for Webber, it's a deliberately challenging exercise. 4:57

How multi-disciplinary artist Kathleen Noelle Black is improving patient, family and staff experiences in health care

How 'brutal knitting' lets this artist challenge her inner demons

Widdess opens up about depression, C.H.U.D. and how knitting can be a life changer. 3:07

Find the full schedule for Culture Days here.