Yo, Dad: When Justin Trudeau's father gave him an impromptu yo-yo lesson

Pierre Trudeau was busy, but not too busy to give a yo-yo lesson to his insistent son Justin in 1980.

Pierre Trudeau was trying to talk to Swedish PM, but got sidetracked by request for a yo-yo trick

Pierre Trudeau gives a yo-yo lesson to his son Justin, shortly after they landed in Sweden in 1980. 1:00

Moments after landing in Sweden, Pierre Trudeau was trying to chat with Thorbjörn Fälldin, his Swedish counterpart.

But someone was distracting the Canadian prime minister.

That would be eight-year-old Justin Trudeau, a future prime minister himself, who had travelled to Sweden alongside his dad.

A camera zooms in on Pierre Trudeau's hands, as he prepares to demonstrate a yo-yo trick for his eldest son Justin. (The National/CBC Archives)

"Justin wanted to play — he repeatedly asked his father to teach him a trick with the yo-yo," the CBC's George McLean told viewers on The National, which aired a short clip of the moment on June 26, 1980. "Finally, [Pierre] Trudeau agreed."

The elder Trudeau stopped for a moment to show his son a trick, describing it in French. But the prime minister couldn't quite pull it off in front of the cameras.

Pierre Trudeau (left) is seen showing his son Justin Trudeau (right) a yo-yo trick, during an official visit to Sweden in June of 1980. (The National/CBC Archives)