Why Prince William's first day of nursery school was one for the history books

The future King was the first Royal Family member to go to a nursery school that wasn't located within the palace.

Future King was first Royal Family member to go to a nursery school outside the palace

Prince William goes to nursery school

37 years ago
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Three-year-old Prince William became the first member of the British Royal Family to attend a private nursery school

At the age of three, Prince William was making history.

That's because in the fall of 1985, the toddler and future King was heading to a nursery school outside palace walls.

From what The National reported, William was the first member of the Royal Family to do so.

A large group of journalists was on hand to capture the occasion on camera as William stepped into the nursery school, leaving his parents, Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales, behind him on the sidewalk.

"Not everyone's mom and dad get curtsies from the teacher on the first day of school," the CBC's Patrick Brown reported on The National on Sept. 24, 1985.

"But then, not everyone is second in line to the throne."

Diana, Princess of Wales, looks on as Jane Mynors greets Prince William at the nursery school she ran in London on Sept. 24, 1985. (PA Images/Getty Images)

William's exit at the end of the school day was similarly chronicled by the journalists and cameras.

"Prince William took his lunch box, his finger puppet, his sweater and his royal detective back home to the palace for tea," said Brown, describing what was a mostly normal end-of-day routine for a three-year-old.

Thirty-four years later, William has three children of his own.

His son, George, and his daughter, Charlotte, have each gone to a non-royal nursery school just like their dad.

William's youngest child, Louis, who won't turn two until next year, has not yet attended nursery school. 

The media was on hand to cover Prince William's first day of nursery school in September of 1985. (The National/CBC Archives)