Why 'ice golf' offers some advantages to players

Ice golf? It's exactly what you think it is.
The CBC's Bob Nixon reports on a seasonally adjusted version of the game of golf. 1:58
It is said that good things come to those who wait.

Perhaps that's why some golfers who can't wait, can end up playing a compromised version of their game in the winter.

A man is seen putting during a game of so-called "ice golf" being played on British Columbia's One Mile Lake in 1991. (Midday/CBC Archives)
In 1991, CBC's Midday featured a segment on "ice golf," a seasonally adjusted version of the game that is normally played on grass — and also on land.

In this case, the game was being played on the frozen surface of One Mile Lake in Pemberton, B.C.

The players saw some advantages in what ice golf had to offer.

"The green fees are cheaper," one of them joked.

As the CBC's Bob Nixon pointed out to Midday viewers, the players didn't have to replace any divots on the course either.