When Gordon Lightfoot met Alex Trebek on CBC-TV

Two Canadian stars appear on the same episode of CBC-TV's Music Hop in 1963: Gordon Lightfoot and Alex Trebek.

Future Jeopardy! host asks 'folksinging guest' if he'll record his own songs at some point

Gordon Lightfoot and Alex Trebek on Music Hop

3 years ago
Duration 0:46
A young Gordon Lightfoot speaks to Music Hop host Alex Trebek about his writing and recording plans.

It's early in their respective careers, but CBC-TV viewers are seeing two future stars on their screens in the fall of 1963.

One is Alex Trebek, the future and eventual record-setting host of Jeopardy!, who is then hosting Music Hop.

His "folksinging guest" is introduced as Gordie Lightfoot — who most people would know better as Gordon Lightfoot, the acclaimed Canadian singer and songwriter.

Gordon Lightfoot performed on the episode of Music Hop in which he was interviewed by Alex Trebek. (Music Hop/CBC Archives)

"Gord, how do you feel about how the folk songs are booming these days?" Trebek asks him.

"It's very good, Al," Lightfoot replies. "There certainly is a lot of work around for folk singers."

At the end of their brief chat, Trebek inquires as to whether Lightfoot will start issuing recordings of his own, original material.

Alex Trebek is seen hosting Music Hop on CBC Television in 1963. (Music Hop/CBC Archives)

"Definitely, yes," Lightfoot says.

"I hope they turn out real well for you," says Trebek, who by now will know that they did.