When an Alberta town decided to build a UFO landing pad

As a 1967 Centennial project, the town of St. Paul, Alta. seeks to entice extraterrestrial visitors (and a few from Earth wouldn't hurt).

1967 project in St. Paul hoped to draw tourists -- from nearby or far, far away

Calling all UFOs

3 years ago
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The town of St. Paul, Alta., builds a UFO landing pad as a Centennial project in 1967.

The town of St. Paul, Alta., took western hospitality to a new realm in 1967. When others in Canada were building roadside outhouses or enormous fish statues as Centennial projects, the small farming town built the world's first UFO landing pad.

Even Martians could find something to eat in St. Paul in 1967. (CBC News)

The landing pad, a circular cement deck attached to a spaceship-shaped Chamber of Commerce, even had space sounds piped in for extra effect.

An enduring tourist attraction

It was built in an effort to attract both tourists and Martians to this rural pocket, starting off as a tongue-in-cheek celebration of Canada's Centennial but growing to full-fledged intergalactic fervour. As seen in this CBC Television footage, folks could dine on Saturn Salads and Martian Burgers and cruise aboard the Martian Express.

Aliens have yet to land in St. Paul, but in 1998 the town hosted a UFO conference for believers and the merely curious.