When Alberta and Saskatchewan had way too much snow for Oct. 1

Who wouldn't want to see 15 centimetres of snow fall on the first of October?

Snowstorm brought 15 cm of snow to parts of both provinces at the start of October 1996

Winter shows up early

27 years ago
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The first day of October saw snow fall in Saskatchewan and Alberta in 1996.

Who wouldn't want to see 15 centimetres of snow fall on the first of October?

Farmers, for one.

Like those living in Saskatchewan, when that same level of snow blanketed their crops at the start of October 1996.

"Across the Prairies, combines sat idle, stalled first by rain and now by wet snow," said Kelly Crowe, as viewers saw shots of snow-covered fields on The National that night. 

"Wet wheat is lower-quality wheat and any crops still standing will be reduced in value."

Snow was not what Saskatchewan farmers wanted to see piling up on top of their wheat at the start of October 1996. (The National/CBC Archives)

Alfred Bechard, a Saskatchewan farmer, explained how the snow could affect the price of the wheat.

"We'll probably lose a little bit of grade by bleaching the grain and then with the high moisture on the grain, you will probably maybe see a little bit of bran frost and so naturally, the buyers want to dock you a little bit," he told CBC News.

A freak snowstorm left parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan covered in snow on Oct. 1, 1996. (The National/CBC Archives)

The same snowstorm, which had arrived overnight, had hit parts of southern Alberta, as well.

The National showed footage of kids throwing snowballs and making snowmen.

There were also plenty of shots of less delighted people shovelling their walks and porches in Calgary, where residents seemed to accept their fate.

The snowfall made Calgary look like it was living through the middle of winter, even though the calendar would confirm the date was Oct. 1, 1996. (The National/CBC Archives)

"For the City of Calgary, it's the biggest snowfall on this day in 80 years," said Crowe.

"But people here like to say: 'If you don't like the weather, wait a minute," she added, noting that the forecast was calling for 20 C weather by the end of that week.

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