The picnic table you could use anywhere (if you carried it with you)

The man CBC viewers knew as Mr. Fix-It showed off a portable picnic table you could use "almost anywhere."

In 1969, Peter "Mr. Fix-It" Whittall showed viewers how to take apart a portable picnic table

Nine days before the moon landing, CBC-TV viewers saw another space-age wonder on TV — a demonstration of a collapsible, portable picnic table.

"Here's something you can take on a picnic and still have room for it with all the food," said Peter Whittall, better known as Mr. Fix-It, when demonstrating the product on CBC's The Day It Is on July 11, 1969.

Whittall first pulled off  the tabletop, before flipping it over to reveal that it was actually a carrying case as well.

"There's no room for the food," he said, referring to the empty case. "But there it is."

He then proceeded to disassemble the seats and legs of the picnic table into planks, which neatly fit into the case below.

"Now, while mother's packing the dishes, you pack the table," said Whittall, as he closed up the case and latched it shut.

"And you're ready to go to another picnic, almost anywhere."

A collapsible, portable picnic table

3 years ago
Duration 1:18
In 1969, Peter "Mr. Fix-It" Whittall demonstrates the packing up of a collapsible picnic table.