Pete Luckett's best practices for freezing strawberries

One of Pete Luckett's pro tips for this popular summer fruit? Don't delay in dealing with your local strawberries.

For best results, freeze them on a tray first and then put them in a freezer bag

In 1987, grocer Pete Luckett talks to Midday about how to make best use of fresh, local strawberries. 1:56

Don't delay in dealing with your local strawberries.

That was some of the key advice grocer Pete Luckett had for Midday viewers back in the summer of 1987.

"Remember, these local strawberries, they don't have the shelf life of the ones that we've been having all winter long," said Luckett, when discussing how to best handle the popular summer fruit on the long-running CBC current affairs program on July 7, 1987.  

"So, just remember two or three days is the maximum shelf life out of a local strawberry."

He also had a pro tip for freezing them — put them on a tray in a single layer first. After they are frozen, put them in your freezer bag.

"It stops all that squishy strawberry juice when you eventually get them out of your fridge," said Luckett, who noted they should be hulled, washed and dried before being put in the freezer.