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Lesson Plan:

For Teachers: Working for a Safer World

Type: Assignment
Subjects: Social Studies, Visual Arts
Grades: Grades 6-8
Duration: 1 to 2 lessons
Purpose: To express ideas and feelings about Canada’s role in making the world a safer place
Summary: Students study Canada’s role in making the world a safer place and create an illustration commemorating one of Canada’s successes.

Before Exploring

Write the question "What makes you feel safe?" in the centre of a web on the board or chart paper. Have students brain storm ideas and record their ideas on the web. Prompt students to include ideas about physical safety, about confidence in the rule of law, and about living in a society with shared values. Ask: Could all children your age around the world create a similar web? Why or why not?

Outline the Opportunity

Explain that, as people learn, they gain not only facts but also feelings. Direct students to the topic Peacekeepers and Peacemakers: Canada's Diplomatic Contribution on the CBC Digital Archives website.  Have students take notes on what they find most interesting and affecting in "Canadian drafts human rights", "A lesson in landmines", and "Canada and the International Criminal Court".  Students will use a two-column chart titled "Facts" and "Feelings" to guide their note taking.

Give students a few minutes to review their notes. Have them select charcoal, pastels, or watercolours to create an illustration that captures the facts and feelings they recorded.

Revisit and Reflect

Have students share their illustrations. Students should comment on the facts and feelings evident in their classmates' work and how the different art media affect the mood of the illustrations. Prompt discussion on their work by asking the following:

Which illustrations show very similar interpretations of the facts?

Which illustrations show very different views?

What new ideas do you have about Canada's role in making the world a safer place now that you have seen your classmates' work?


Students can collaborate on a classroom or hallway bulletin board collage entitled "Canada's Role in Making the World a Safer Place." They can use their own illustrations and create headings and captions to make a coherent display.

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