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Lesson Plan:

For Teachers: Nuclear Power Sales Pitch

Type: Assignment
Subjects: Science, Business Studies
Grades: Grades 11-12
Duration: 2 to 3 lessons
Purpose: To persuade an audience through the use of marketing tools
Summary: Students will create a comprehensive sales package to market the Candu reactor.

Before Exploring

Explain to students that Canada has created and built a nuclear reactor called Candu, and that it can be used around the world to create nuclear power.

Ask students: If you were selling Candu to another country, what would you tell the buyers about the science of nuclear power? What would you tell them about construction, financing, technical support, follow-up support, and warranty? Record their ideas.

Outline the Opportunity

Divide the class into groups. Each group is to create a display that they will present at an energy convention. Their display will extol the virtues of nuclear energy and the Candu design.

Have students view the clips titled "Canada and the atom", "The 'National Research Universal...'", "First Candu reactor powers Canadian...", and "India's 'peaceful' bomb" on the topic Candu: The Canadian Nuclear Reactor on the CBC Digital Archives website to gather technical information for their display. They can view the other clips, although negative, to gather information to help them put a positive spin on the reactor. Along with their display, students will create brochures to summarize the sales pitch.

Revisit and Reflect

Have each group present its sales pitch to the class. Remind students that their composure, body language, and enthusiasm are important elements of their pitch.

Students should be prepared to ask and answer questions of one another, and to revise their displays based on comments.


Invite students from another class to play the role of buyers and to come to your classroom to hear your students' pitches. Following the pitches, these visiting students can explain whether they would or would not purchase the product.