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Lesson Plan:

For Teachers: Chasing a Cure

Type: Introductory
Subjects: Science, English Language Arts
Duration: 2 lessons
Purpose: To identify characteristics of an illness and its treatment
Summary: In this introductory lesson, students will gather information about diabetes and its treatment.

Before Exploring

Have students brainstorm about the various things they know about diabetes and its treatment. Remind students of the rules for brainstorming, most importantly, that students do not comment on ideas or suggestions of others. Record their ideas on the board or on chart paper for later use.

You might have a speaker (a student with diabetes, the parent of a child with diabetes, a medical professional) visit the class to talk about personal experiences with diabetes.

Outline the Opportunity

Place students in groups of four. Direct groups to the topic Chasing a Cure for Diabetes on the CBC Digital Archives website and have them browse all the clips to collect information about diabetes and its treatment. Within their groups, students should divide the clips among the various members, noting that some clips are longer than others. They can record their findings about their clips, individually, using the questions on the download sheet Chasing a Cure. Have groups meet to share their findings and complete their answers.

Revisit and Reflect

Using the information they have gathered, ask students to revisit the information previously recorded on the board or chart paper. Were there any misconceptions or misinformation? If there is any information that students provide that isn't addressed in the clips, help students to develop strategies to verify it.


Students can use their information to prepare a visual or multi-media presentation for the class.

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