Justin Trudeau's long-term love of Star Wars

Canada's 23rd prime minister is an unabashed Star Wars fan and he's been telling us about his love for the sci-fi series since he was a kid.

From socks to sneak-preview screenings, the prime minister has shown his fandom time and time again

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has shown himself to be a Star Wars fan on many occasions, including the time he dressed up as Han Solo for Halloween. His wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, dressed up as Princess Leia. (Justin Tang/Canadian Press)

Ever since he was a kid, Justin Trudeau has liked Star Wars. 

In this 1979 photo showing Justin Trudeau with his father and brothers, his choice of T-shirt reveals his already-established interest in Star Wars. (Peter Bregg/Canadian Press)

Recalling the impact the film had on him, Trudeau has described it as "a life-changing movie."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has loved the Star Wars movie franchise since he was a kid. He tweeted this photo on May 4, 2014 -- the annual date of the so-called Star Wars Day. (@JustinTrudeau/Twitter)

And by the time Return of the Jedi came out, Trudeau was already an expert on the franchise.

After an Ottawa movie screening in May 1983, a CBC reporter asked him what he thought of the latest sequel. Trudeau, then 11, didn't hold back his enthusiasm.

Justin Trudeau reviews Return of the Jedi

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An 11-year-old Justin Trudeau gave a quick review of Return of the Jedi to the CBC after the Ottawa premiere in May 1983.

"It was better than The Empire Strikes Back or Star Wars — at least I think so," Trudeau told him, as his father looked on beside him.

Years later, Trudeau would get asked about that review and he has since clarified that he prefers The Empire Strikes Back over the next Star Wars sequel.

When Trudeau led the Liberal party to power in 2015, his love of Star Wars followed his transition into government. (And some government departments have followed his lead.)

At Halloween that year, Trudeau, then the prime minister-designate, and his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, co-ordinated costumes, dressing up as Empire Strikes Back-era Han Solo and Princess Leia, respectively.

A couple of months later, Trudeau watched the latest Star Wars movie with some patients from the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario

And just like when he was a kid, he provided a glowing review, tweeting: "It was amazing!"


The prime minister's love for Star Wars has even shown up in his choice of socks — more than once — with Trudeau flashing glimpses of Chewbacca-print socks and droid-print socks on various occasions. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shows off his Star Wars themed socks on Twitter on May 4, 2017 with the caption "these are the socks you're looking for." (@JustinTrudeau/Twitter)

And on the most recent May the 4th, Trudeau's interest in Star Wars once again crept into his Twitter feed.