Halloween costumes stored in the metaphorical CBC Archives basement

Those old Halloween costumes? Well, there's images of some of them still hanging around.

You may have forgotten about these costumes, but the CBC Archives website did not

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      Here it is, the proof that these Halloween costumes existed, even if you forgot about them.

      We ventured down the steps of the metaphorical CBC Archives basement to see what we had packed away from past Halloween celebrations.

      We even found some examples of Halloween wear from episodes of a beloved CBC children's program. 

      Halloween is a holiday that always brings out the scary and the silly and a lot of pop culture-influenced costumes — though some characters endure year after year.

      Kids are seen dressed up in Halloween costumes in 1987. (The Journal/CBC Archives)

      In recent decades, we've seen fewer people dressing up as the obnoxious '80s alien ALF, but the cult fandom of Ghostbusters has kept the movie and its characters on perpetual replay when it comes to Halloween.

      Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Krueger is another character who tends to show up on Halloween, perhaps as regularly as the trick-or-treating Grim Reapers out there or those dressed up as less specific ghouls and monsters.

      Because of the current pandemic situation, a lot of kids won't be trick-or-treating this year and similarly, a lot of households won't be dispensing candy at their door, Vincent Price-style.

      To that end, we hope our review of these costumes from the Halloweens of yore puts a smile on your face, even if you're not celebrating Oct. 31 the way you normally would.

      Ernie Coombs, Casey and Finnegan are seen with two Halloween costumes from a 1988 episode of Mr. Dressup. According to the CBC catalogue, Mr. Dressup improvised the bunch of grapes and pumpkin costumes from garbage bags after the Tickle Trunk turned out to be empty. (CBC Still Photo Collection)

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