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Winnipeg’s lucky Timothy Eaton statue

The Story

The Timothy Eaton statue holds a special place in the department store lore. Since 1919 the imposing bronze figure of Eaton's founding father has sat at the entrance of the downtown Winnipeg store, like its twin statue in Toronto. Over the years shoppers and employees rub Timothy's left shoe for good luck, eventually wearing the bronze toe down to a sheen. The statue is a city landmark and a CBC News story shows Winnipeggers' angry reaction when the Eaton family considers moving it to St. Marys, Ont. For many Canadians the Timothy Eaton statue represents a bygone era when Eaton's was the retail king of Canada. The twin statues were a gift from Eaton's staff to the company on its 50th anniversary. When Eaton's is dismantled almost 80 years later, the Winnipeg statue is designated a Heritage Object and remains in the city. In Toronto, the statue finds a new home at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Medium: Television
Program: Saturday Report
Broadcast Date: April 20, 2002
Guest(s): Jamie Hahn
Host: Ben Chin
Reporter: Mike Edgell
Duration: 2:07

Did You know?

• Each Timothy Eaton statue weighs 1,125 kilograms. On Nov. 5, 1999, it took seven workers and a forklift seven hours to move the Toronto statue and its marble base less than a kilometre, from the Eaton Centre to the Royal Ontario Museum.
• In May 2002 the Eaton family backed down from an earlier decision to move the Winnipeg Eaton statue to St. Marys, Ont. — home of Timothy Eaton's first retail store.



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