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Will it be Yes or No to the Charlottetown Accord?

The Story

For only the third time in Canadian history, citizens are headed to the polls for a national referendum on Oct. 26, 1992. They'll be voting on whether Canada should adopt the constitutional changes proposed by the Charlottetown Accord, which was negotiated among the provinces and the federal government after the failure of the Meech Lake Accord in 1990. Amid fierce campaigning by the Yes and No sides, CBC reporter James Adams examines how we got here and what is at stake.

Medium: Television
Program: Sunday Report
Broadcast Date: Oct. 11, 1992
Reporter: Paul Adams, Host: Peter Mansbridge
Guests: Jim Horsman, Joe Clark, Pierre Trudeau, Sharon Carstairs, Preston Manning
Duration: 5:18

Did You know?

• The results of the referendum were solidly for the No side, with 54 per cent of voters nixing the agreement. Voters in Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Ontario and the Northwest Territories said Yes; all those remaining said No.

• The first national referendum in Canada was on the subject of prohibition of alcohol in 1898. The vote was Yes overall, but no law was passed as a result and it was left to the provinces to enact prohibition.

• The second national referendum was on conscription in 1942. Voters agreed that the government should not be held to any previous commitments regarding how men were called to military service during the Second World War.


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