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University women horrified by mass murder in Montreal

The Story

University of Toronto students grieve one day after Marc Lepine murdered 14 women at a Montreal university. The students cry and are still shocked by the massacre. Today police release a list of victims. In this CBC Radio clip, an officer methodically reads the names and ages of the 13 female students and one school employee killed by Lepine last night. Twelve of the students studied engineering and the other took nursing. The U of T students find the atrocity especially difficult because it happened in a university setting to university students. Some say the killer's actions represent a larger problem. One woman explains, "It's basically just a larger example of things that happen every day - violence to women, rape, adultery, being battered."

Medium: Radio
Program: As It Happens
Broadcast Date: Dec. 7, 1989
Host: Michael Enright, Alan Maitland
Duration: 4:04

Did You know?

• On Dec. 6, 1997, Vancouver's monument to the 14 murdered women was unveiled. Planners figured the monument would take two years to build and cost $50,000. When it took nearly 10 years and $400,000, some said the money could have been better spent on resources for battered women.

• Vancouver politicians did not use public dollars for the construction of the monument.


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