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Two husbands, two wives and a baby

The Story

Brian, Sandy, Judy and Chuck all live together in an old farmhouse near Vancouver. But they're not just roommates - they're practicing what's called "group marriage." They consider themselves married to each other, and they even had a baby together recently. "It's really unnatural to try to live your whole life with one person," explains Brian. In this 1972 CBC-TV clip, all four say they're very happy with the arrangement and expect to be together for a long, long time.

Medium: Television
Program: Weekend
Broadcast Date: Nov. 19, 1972
Reporter: Doug Collins
Duration: 10:30

Did You know?

• The Encyclopedia Britannica defines group marriage as "the marriage of several men with several women. As an institutionalized social practice, group marriage is extremely rare; nowhere does it appear to have existed as the prevailing form of marital arrangement."
• Although it has certainly never been a common practice in North America, in the late 1960s and early 1970s there was a "communal living" movement underway which was linked to hippie culture. Group marriage - also known as "multilateral marriage" - was sometimes associated with this trend.




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