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The white waters of Nahanni National Park

The Story

One final turn on the hike toward the cliff and there it is: Virginia Falls. At twice the height of Niagara Falls, it is the crown jewel of Nahanni National Park in the Northwest Territories. No less spectacular is the wild South Nahanni River, where a group of teenagers from Fort Simpson, N.W.T. are on a whitewater rafting adventure. In this CBC-TV report from Northbeat, the teens challenge the mighty rapids, camp under the stars and learn why the United Nations chose Nahanni as the world's first Heritage site in 1978.

Medium: Television
Program: Northbeat
Broadcast Date: Sept. 2, 1996
Host: Paul Landrum
Duration: 28:38

Did You know?

• Nahanni National Park is located in the southwest corner of the Northwest Territories, in the traditional territory of the Dehcho First Nations. It was originally established in 1972 by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau with a total area of 4,766 square kilometres.

  • On June 9, 2009, the Canadian government, in conjunction with the Dehcho First Nations, announced legislation for a dramatic expansion of Nahanni Park, to over 30,000 square kilometres. The new boundary serves to protect the Greater Nahanni Ecosystem, which lies on Dehcho land. As the Parks Canada website explains, it will protect the length of the South Nahanni River in the Dehcho, the highest mountains and largest glaciers in the N.W.T. and the deepest canyons in Canada.




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