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The United Church of Canada and Vietnam war draft dodgers

The Story

In a highly controversial move, Rev. J.R. Hord, secretary of the United Church board of Evangelism and Social Service, announced a $1,000 grant for assisting Toronto groups helping draft dodgers settle in Canada. But the grant was subsequently rescinded by the United Church. CBC Television's The Day It Is hosts a panel of Toronto clerics, including Hord, a rabbi, a priest and other United Church representatives. They take part in a lively debate on whether the church's financial and/or moral support is encouraging Americans to avoid the draft and fighting in the Vietnam war by coming to Canada.

Medium: Television
Program: The Day It Is
Broadcast Date: Oct. 17, 1967
Host: Warren Davis
Guests: E.M. Howse, Bob Lindsey, L.T. Tarr, Gregory Baum, Berkeley Reynolds, W.F. Wilkie, Michael Stroh, Raymond Hord, Al Forrest
Duration: 18:36

Did You know?

• An article published in the Globe and Mail on Nov. 27, 1965 reports that Rev. Hord had sent a committee-approved telegram to Prime Minister Lester Pearson, asking that Pearson “issue a statement on Canadian policy on Vietnam,” and that he also “urge the U.S. government to stop bombing North Vietnam.” Another article, published Mar. 2, 1967, reported that Hord had criticized the Canadian government for selling supplies and munitions to the U.S. for use in the Vietnam war.  

• For more on Canada and the Vietnam war, see the topic Canada's Secret War: Vietnam.

• Gregory Baum was one of a group of German citizens deported from Britain who were interned in a camp in Canada in 1940.  Watch a discussion by fellow internee Eric Koch on the imprisonment of the group .


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