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The push to sell Candus abroad

The Story

Candu is the world's most efficient, reliable and safe nuclear reactor, and "Canada's finest achievement in high technology." That's the word from a nuclear industry task force appointed by the federal government. Each sale employs 3,600 Canadians for a year and generates as much as $300 million for Canada. But they have not sold well in other countries, and the task force says it's time to pump up foreign sales.

Medium: Television
Program: CBC Television News
Broadcast Date: Dec. 7, 1978
Reporter: Michael Vaughan
Duration: 2:02

Did You know?

• As of May 2002, Canada had 14 operating reactors (all Candu) and 12 that are shut down (including four early prototypes such as NPD.)

• There are nine operating Candus in other countries: four in South Korea, two in India and one each in Argentina, Romania and Pakistan. There are also ten operating Candu clones in India, based on a Candu design sold to India prior to the 1974 nuclear test explosion.

• In 2002 there were six Candus under construction outside Canada (four in Romania and two in China) and four more clones being built in India.

• AECL is developing a "next-generation" or "NG Candu" reactor. The smaller NG uses slightly enriched uranium rather than natural uranium fuel, and aims to be 40 per cent cheaper to build. It is slated to be market-ready by the end of 2005.


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