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The Omnibus Bill doesn’t go far enough

The Story

(Warning: this clip contains explicit language) After returning from a tour of Asia, Trudeau holds a press conference in Vancouver. He fields a series of questions about his trip before a group of irate women hijacks the proceedings and engage the Prime Minister in an impromptu debate. They feel the Omnibus Bill hasn't gone far enough and demand Trudeau to immediately change the laws in Canada to legalize all abortions. Trudeau shows a great a deal of restraint and poise in hearing them out, especially when the debate heats up. One protester says the law forces Canadian women to risk their lives by visiting back-alley abortionists. "The deaths of 2,000 women in this country are on your hands," she says. After 15 minutes, the women are escorted away, but not before they tell Trudeau that "people in this society take drugs because of people like you" and call him a "murderer."

Medium: Radio
Program: CBC Radio News Special
Broadcast Date: May 29, 1970
Duration: 14:47
Photo: National Archives of Canada (PA-111213)

Did You know?

• Among the other issues Trudeau discussed at this press conference were the Soviet presence in the Pacific region, the possibility of opening up relations with Japan and its economy and his assessment of the United States' position in Vietnam.


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