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The House: Senate reform, a stir in Davos, and budget advice

The Story

The Senate has a credibility problem, and members of a joint House and Senate committee think they've got a solution: an elected Senate with nine-year, non-renewable terms. But The House finds the proposal facing stiff opposition. Also in this episode: Pierre Trudeau's peace initiative causes a NATO stir in Davos, Switzerland, Liberal Finance Minister Marc Lalonde backtracks in his quarrel with Progressive Conservative leader Brian Mulroney, and the Tories and NDP offer suggestions for the coming federal budget.

Medium: Radio
Program: The House
Broadcast Date: Feb. 4, 1984
Guests: Raymond Barre, Iona Campagnolo, Pat Carney, Rodney Cavalier, Paul Cosgrove, Kenneth Dam, Jake Epp, John Evans, Royce Firth, Eugene Forsey, Marc Lalonde, René Lévesque, Jim McGraw, Paul McRae, Margaret Mitchell, Gildas Molgat, Brian Mulroney, Rod Murphy, Jean-Luc Pépin, Nelson Riis, Sinclair Stevens, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Michael Wilson
Announcer: Bob Oxley
Host: Denise Rudnicki
Reporter: Brian Kelleher
Duration: 48:43

Did You know?

• The previous week's episode of The House covers the beginning of this row between Finance Minister Marc Lalonde and Progressive Conservative opposition leader Brian Mulroney over comments made while Mulroney was in private business. That spat simmered for a number of days, with members on both sides weighing in during question period.

• Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's peace initiative took him to Davos, Switerland for the European Management Forum on International Security and Economic Recovery. Today, that annual event held in Davos is known as the World Economic Forum. Initiated in 1971, Davos came to worldwide notice only in the late 1990s and early 2000s when protesters tried to gain access to the high-powered meetings of leading political and business figures.


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