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The Bricklin: a Canadian sports car

The Story

In 1970, American businessman Malcolm Bricklin approaches investors in Canada seeking support for the building of his new sports car. Richard Hatfield, Premier of New Brunswick, was the first to step forward and commit provincial funding for the Bricklin to be built in his province. As we learn in this report, the Bricklin Company soon runs into financial problems as the car runs into mechanical problems, too.

Medium: Radio
Program: Five Nights
Broadcast Date: July 30, 1975
Guests: Malcolm Bricklin, Allen Graham, Richard Hatfield, Ralph Henry, John Turnbull
Reporter: David Folster
Duration: 13:24
The Bricklin Song was written and performed by Charlie Russell.

Did You know?

• Malcolm Bricklin was born in Philadelphia in 1939. As a businessman, he made his first million dollars by the time he was 21 by selling his shares in the successful chain of Handyman stores across the United States.

• In 1965, Bricklin's interest in cars started with the Japanese carmaker Subaru, which introduced their Subaru 360 into the American market. This was the first of many Japanese automakers challenging the Big Three: General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

• By 1970, Bricklin's dream of designing and manufacturing a sports car with many safety features was beginning to unfold. He sold his interest in Subaru of America and started to pitch investors in Canada to build the Bricklin SV-1 ("safety vehicle one").

Richard Hatfield became Premier of New Brunswick in 1970, serving until 1987. He died in 1991 at age 60.




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