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Terry Jacks on life after Seasons in the Sun

The Story

Singer, songwriter, record producer and former Poppy Family frontman Terry Jacks has invited Iona Campagnolo into his home in 1979 for a rare interview. Since the extraordinary success of his self-produced 1974 hit Seasons in the Sun, he has lived a reclusive life, dividing time between his home, his ranch and his “ocean-going vessel.” They talk about his life since that record, and how he feels about the fame and fortune it brought to him, touching on the subjects of commercial success, the hazards of the top-40 world, his personal life and current projects.

Broadcast Medium: Television
Program: One of a Kind
Interviewer: Iona Campagnolo
Guest: Terry Jacks
Broadcast Date: Nov. 21, 1979
Duration: 22:29

Did You know?

• Terry Jacks was born Mar. 29, 1944, in Winnipeg.

• It was not Jacks’s original intention to record Seasons in the Sun himself. He began producing it with The Beach Boys, but they pulled out from the project. he then offered it to Edward Bear, but they weren’t interested. Jacks told the Toronto Star in a July 5, 1982 interview that it was the death of a good friend from leukemia that made Seasons in the Sun personal for him and he recorded it himself, but “I didn’t want to go out and sing it every night.”

• The Toronto Star reported on Jan. 22, 1978 that Jacks was plagued by reports of misdeeds by Terry Jacks impersonators in the U.S. Because he shunned publicity, his face was not well known there, and it was easier for the imposters to get away with booking themselves as Terry Jacks for concerts.


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