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Talking about speaking, and avoiding the taxman

The Story

Three writers and an actor debate the merits of a plea from British actor Sir Donald Wolfit: "Spare us the mischief unloosed by instructors of good speech." Actor Sean Mulcahy, writer and broadcaster Allan Anderson and teacher John Henry Pepper join poet and uber-pessimist Anthony Frisch, a veteran of Fighting Words. In this 1961 discussion the four argue over how speech should be learned, and Mulcahy pokes fun at another panelist's own speaking style.

Next up: If you can avoid the taxman's reach, have you earned the right to keep your cash? Are taxes just for suckers? Poet and biochemist Anthony Frisch returns to Fighting Words, accompanied by actor Sean Mulcahy, writer and broadcaster Allan Anderson and teacher John Henry Pepper to argue over the words of American financier (and scrupulous taxpayer) John Pierpont Morgan: "Anybody has a right to evade taxes if he can get away with it."

Medium: Television
Program: Fighting Words
Broadcast Date: April 2, 1961
Guest(s): Allan Anderson, Anthony Frisch, Sean Mulcahy, John Henry Pepper
Host: Nathan Cohen
Duration: 27:36

Did You know?

• Sir Donald Wolfit, while widely regarded as a superb actor, was also famous for assembling troupes of sub-par actors who would make him look even better by comparison.

• Although the Second World War and especially the London Blitz severely disrupted London's theatre scene, Wolfit won excellent reviews for his performances during the Blitz. Queen Elizabeth recognized his work in 1950, naming Commander of the British Empire. He was knighted in 1957.


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