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Step-parenting 101

The Story

Re-constructed family? Blended family? It's all new in 1981, as soaring divorce rates put Canadians face to face with new family groups. The learning curve is steep, and for many step-parents it's a relief just to find out they're not the only ones out there having hassles. Talking to a group of step-parents and kids, host Harry Brown finds out that the reality of managing the post-nuclear family lies somewhere between Cinderella's wicked stepmother and the glossy fantasy of the Brady Bunch.

Medium: Television
Program: Take 30
Broadcast Date: Nov. 18, 1981
Guest(s): Helen Cooper, Susan Edwards, Airdre Guppy Thompson, Richard Highgate, Les Kottler, Kati Morrison, Annabelle Sissons, Dodie Smith, Shirley Solomon Kottler
Host: Harry Brown
Duration: 26:01

Did You know?

• Until the Second World War, Canada had one of the lowest divorce rates in the western world. After 1968, when divorce laws changed drastically and divorce became far more accessible, the rate of divorce steadily increased. According to Statistics Canada, between 1968 and the time of this clip in 1981, the number of divorces per 100,000 people rocketed from 54.8 to 271.8. The rate peaked in 1987 at 362 divorces per 100,000 people.


• Periodically Take 30 hosted an open discussion format show tackling tough issues of the day. This clip was one such Take 30 Forum, which brought experts and ordinary Canadians together to speak frankly about step-parenting. The clip presented here includes the entire episode.





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