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The calm before the storm for the Solar Temple

The Story

All of Quebec is talking about a mysterious cult known as the Order of the Solar Temple and its connection with Hydro-Quebec. Yves Boisvert of Montreal newspaper La Presse explains in this clip how the cult, started by a homeopath in Switzerland, established itself in Quebec. Boisvert reveals that there is an investigation into allegations of secretive cult meetings held by Hydro-Quebec employees in their offices and the embezzlement of government funds to finance the cult.

Medium: Radio
Program: As It Happens
Broadcast Date: March 18, 1993
Guest(s): Yves Boisvert
Host: Michael Enright, Alan Maitland
Duration: 6:01

Did You know?

• Joseph Di Mambro founded the Centre for the Preparation for the New Age in France in 1974. Members were encouraged to divest themselves of worldly goods and their money in order to reach a stage of meditation. Di Mambro fled France for Switzerland in 1976 before eventually moving to Quebec.

• Luc Jouret obtained a medical degree in 1974 in Belgium, but quickly became disillusioned with modern medicine and spent nearly a decade traveling the world and practicing homeopathy.

• Jouret and Di Mambro met sometime between 1979 and 1981. In 1984 Jouret formed the Amenta Club, a group that he used to host his paid lectures on topics like 'medicine and conscience'. Those who were swayed by his words were recruited into the club. Only a select few were then welcomed into the secretive Order of the Solar Temple after contributing money and accepting degrading, severe forms of discipline from the cult leaders.

• In 1986 Jouret moved to Quebec and helped Di Mambro establish the cult's headquarters there. Using the money paid by members, they purchased a chalet in Moran Heights, and brought over some of their more loyal followers from Switzerland to occupy the house.

• Jouret was the charismatic front man of the cult who conducted the ritual ceremonies and produced audiotapes and videos of his lectures.


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