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Satanic messages in the ear of the beholder

The Story

Are the popular musicians KISS and Olivia Newton-John working for Satan? Pastor Gary Greenwald of Santa Ana, Calif. thinks so. All you have to do is play their record backwards to hear messages from the Devil, as he demonstrates on his television show. After seeing Greenwald speak in southern Alberta in 1982, believers burned thousands of records and tapes in a bonfire. But Canadian researcher John Vokey of the University of Lethbridge says that's nonsense. Using the poem Jabberwocky and 65 test subjects, Vokey and colleague Don Read showed that the only discernible message -- such as "saw a girl with a weasel in her mouth" -- was the one that listeners were told to expect.  

Medium: Television
Broadcast Date: Jan. 23, 1984
Program: Newshour
Reporter: Claude Adams
Guests: John Vokey, John Burghardt
Duration: 3:34
Video credits: "Heavy Metal Poisoning," Styx; Gary Greenwald, Eagle's Nest Ministries; "Thriller," Michael Jackson


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