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Safe haven in Toronto for draft dodgers

The Story

It's what CBC Television reporter Larry Bondy calls a popular pastime in Toronto -- spot the beatnik, oddball and bohemia in the hipster area known as Yorkville Village. But, now we can add a new criterion to the list -- the draft dodger. Rumours are circulating that there are over 90 draft dodgers hiding out in the area. Bondy investigates the claim, curiously seeking out the newest immigrants to Canada.

Medium: Television
Program: CBC Television News
Broadcast Date: May 10, 1966
Guest(s): Tom Hathaway, Doug Ward
Reporter: Larry Bondy
Duration: 2:49

Did You know?

• The first wave of Americans to come to Canada in this time period were the draft dodgers. Largely middle-class and educated, these young men and their wives or girlfriends learned about the antiwar movement at university. Deserters, those who had been trained or served in the military, came later. Largely uneducated, these young men learned about the antiwar movement once they were in the army or were disillusioned after serving a tour of duty in Vietnam.


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