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Rubik’s Cube creator on his popular puzzle

The Story

One cube, six colours, 43 quadrillion combinations -- and millions of frustrated players. Ever since Erno Rubik's eponymous cube took off in popularity, people around the world have been trying to solve it. In 1982, some of Canada's best come to the Ontario Science Centre to compete for fastest solution in a contest judged by the Hungarian teacher and inventor himself. In an interview with Naomi Loeb, Rubik explains why he came up with it.   

Medium: Television
Program: The Loeb Report
Broadcast Date: Mar. 22, 1982
Host: Naomi Loeb
Guest: Erno Rubik
Duration: 8:02

Did You know?

• Writing for the Globe and Mail on the Canadian National Rubik's Cube Championship, reporter Allen Abel noted that Rubik himself could solve his cube in under two minutes.

• At that time, some one million Rubik's Cubes had been sold in Canada, and 30 million around the world.

• As noted in this report, the winner was 14-year-old Vietnamese refugee Duc Trinh, who solved the cube in 26 seconds and won $500. Three months later he competed at the World Championships in Budapest and placed eighth out of 19 competitors.




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