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Road warriors: can bikes and cars share the road?

The Story

There's a war of wheels on the streets of Canada's cities. More bicycle commuters are taking to the road every year, and they're beginning to demand their fair share of the pavement. Drivers, meanwhile, see cyclists as obstacles who slow down traffic. In this 1990 documentary from CBC-TV's The Journal, an aggressive bike courier and an activist pedestrian also discuss how they stake their own territory in the urban jungle.

Medium: Television
Broadcast Date: May 11, 1990
Program: The Journal
Host: Nancy Wilson
Reporter: Eric Rankin
Guests: Sue Zielinski, Jerry Manley, Shannon Reiner, Carol Fryley, Bob Silverman
Duration: 10:22

Did You know?

• According to Statistics Canada, the Canadian city with the highest proportion of bicycle commuters in 2011 was Victoria at 5.9 per cent. Kelowna, B.C. was next at 2.6 per cent followed by Ottawa at 2.2 per cent. In Vancouver, 1.8 per cent of commuters got to work by bicycle, Montreal was at 1.7 per cent and Toronto came in at 1.2 per cent.



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