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Rampant racism in the Airborne Regiment

The Story

One soldier looks to the camera and describes how he hates Somalis because they're "slobs and they stink." Another swings a long pole like a baseball bat and says he uses it for smashing arms and legs. It goes on and on, a disturbing display of candid racism and cruel brutality. Up until now, the deaths in the Somalia affair have been explained as the work of a few bad apples. But home videos, shown in this CBC Television report, indicate that prejudice was widespread and highly dangerous.

Medium: Television
Program: Sunday Report
Broadcast Date: Jan. 15, 1995
Host: Wendy Mesley
Reporter: Susan Harada
Duration: 3:08

Did You know?

• Before the Airborne Regiment traveled to Somalia, a rebel group of soldiers in the "2 Commando" sector had been identified as potentially dangerous. They held the Confederate flag as their emblem and engaged in reckless behaviour as shown in this CBC Television clip. Lt.-Col Paul Morneau, who was dismissed before the Somalia mission left, didn't support this group's inclusion in the assignment.


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