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Quebec schools bar teenagers from wearing the hijab in 1994

The Story

Should an obvious symbol of one's religious faith be permitted in Quebec's public schools? In 1994, when the symbol was the hijab worn by two Quebec students, their schools said no. As Quebecers debate what is the appropriate place for the Muslim headscarf, CBC News meets several teens and young women who explain why they choose the hijab. A Quebec editorialist also weighs in, saying the veil is a symbol of oppression of women and fundamentalist objection to Western values.

Medium: Television
Broadcast Date: Dec. 20, 1994
Program: Prime Time News
Host: Pamela Wallin
Reporter: Patricia Chew
Guests: Shayma Imam, Emilie Ouimet, Jean Paré, Dania Baali, Yassar Bali, Neil Bissoondath, Sheema Kahn, Laila Bensalin, Amina Fedir
Duration: 17:30

Did You know?

• In February 1995, Quebec's Human Rights Commission published a legal opinion saying that a ban on the hijab contravened both freedom of religion and the right to a public education.




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