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President Dwight Eisenhower takes office in 1953

The Story

"Any man who seeks to deny equality among all his brothers betrays the spirit of the free and invites the mockery of the tyrant." Dwight Eisenhower takes office after a long and successful career as a military man during the first half of the American century. His inauguration address features a nine-point plan that is based on respecting other nations with a vision of peace at home and abroad.

Medium: Radio
Program: CBC Radio News Special
Broadcast Date: Jan. 20, 1953
Guest(s): Dwight David Eisenhower
Duration: 22:34
Courtesy of NBC Radio.
Photo: U.S. Library of Congress

Did You know?

• Eisenhower was born in Denison, Tex. in 1890, but he grew up in Abilene, Kan. At 21, he started his long military career at the West Point Military Academy. His most distinguished service was during the Second World War as Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces responsible for leading the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944.

• In 1952, after retiring from the army, Eisenhower declared his candidacy for president, running as a Republican. His election campaign featured the famous slogan, "We Like Ike", which was seen on every campaign stop. The Eisenhower/Nixon ticket won 55 percent of the popular vote, carrying 39 states.




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