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Pope Paul VI elected in 1963

The Story

John XXIII was a beloved pope, and he is mourned by the people of Rome and Catholics around the world upon his death in June 1963. His successor, Giovanni Battista Montini, chooses the name Paul VI -- a signal that he intends to go back to the beginnings of Christ's teachings under the Apostle Paul. In this year-end news recap, CBC reporter Stanley Burke brings viewers images from the funeral of one pope and the election of another.

Medium: Television
Program: CBC News Special
Broadcast Date: December 31, 1963
Duration: 2:16

Did You know?

• As Pope, Paul VI continued the work begun by his predecessor to reform the practices and organization of the Catholic Church. Known as the Second Vatican Council, or Vatican II, this four-year process ended in 1965.

• Paul VI, known as "the pilgrim pope," visited the United Nations in New York City in 1965 and, according to his biography on the official website of the Vatican, was the first pope to visit five continents.

• On Aug. 6, 1978, aged 80, Paul VI died of a heart attack.





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