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P.E.I.: The Million-Acre Farm

The Story

A return to basics is the focus of Angus MacLean's campaign. Promoting a "million-acre farm," MacLean promises to devote money to farming communities and small agricultural businesses. Humble and understated, MacLean explains that the current Liberal government, under William Bennett Campbell, has overstepped its boundaries with over-development. He intends to initiate a rural renaissance where conservation and grassroots development will be king. 

Medium: Television
Program: CBC News
Broadcast Date: April 24, 1978
Guest(s): Angus MacLean
Duration: 1:20

Did You know?

• Angus MacLean was born on May 15, 1914, in Lewes, P.E.I. A very successful lifelong politician, MacLean served as an MP for 25 years before switching to provincial politics. He was re-elected 10 consecutive times in the time span between 1951 and 1974.
• MacLean's Conservatives won the 1979 election capturing 21 seats to the Liberals' 11. MacLean defeated William Bennett Campbell, who had been appointed premier following Alex Campbell's resignation in 1978.

• Over the course of his term in the premier's office, MacLean emphasized and promoted conservation and a rural way of living. He banned new shopping malls and rejected involvement in New Brunswick's Point Lepreau nuclear reactor development.
• MacLean served as premier from 1979 to 1981 before retiring as premier and handing over the leadership to Jim Lee. MacLean remained active in politics and continued to be an MLA for one more year before formally retiring in 1982.

• MacLean, a pilot who served with the RCAF from 1939 to 1947, was widely regarded as a war hero. In June 1942, his plane was shot down over Holland and he spent 10 weeks trying to make his way to safety. He detailed his experience behind enemy lines in his 1998 memoir Making It Home.
• MacLean died Feb. 15, 2000, in Charlottetown at the age of 85.



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